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While we strive to offer book appointment for our local clients in the Edmonton, we also offer mail-in repairs for clients who are unable to visit our store location as they are from out of Edmonton. If you are interested in sending your device to us, please read the following, then Begin Your Mail-in Form.


We will not accept any international shipments. We do not work on iMacs over the mail. we take no responsibility for shipping damage on iMacs since our site says that we will not work on them if mailed to us. Please do not mail us iMacs: bring them in person.

Wholesale services

Looking to outsource logic board repairs? We offer discounted logic board repair rates to other repair stores, schools, large organizations or government agencies looking to outsource MacBook Logic Board Repairs. Before sending your devices please call us 825-901-7200.

How does this process work?

Fill out the form and wait for us to contact you with either further questions of a Job ID. When you have the job ID you can then send in your device. We will provide you with an estimate after we've received it. You do not pay until the service is complete.

How much will the repair cost?

When you have submitted your repair request form, we can provide ballpark figure as we don't have your device. Once we receive your device we can check and provide exact free estimate of time and money. Normally our turnaround time will be 4 to 5 days after we receive your computer. If after estimate, if you don't want to fix, there will not be any charge at all. You just need to send return shipping lable or opting to discard the device.

How much is return shipping?

We offer free return shipping of your device, If our repair charges above $250 so we’ll send it back to you if you have service done. If you decline to have the device repaired or turned out not repairable, there is a $40 - 50 return shipping fee for devices where we do not perform a repair. Free shipping is exclusively for devices which we do repair and repair charges above $250. For larger, heavier devices, an additional fee for shipping may apply, or we may send it back without insurance if the shipping for your device reaches over $50. All return shipping thru Canada Post.

Where do I send my device to ?

We accept mail-in with a valid Job-ID. Please ensure your Job-ID is marked on the outside of box. The address is as follows.

AppleMac Computer Repairs.
3194 Checknita Way SW,
Edmonton, AB T6W 4W7
Phone: 825-901-7200

How can I pay for my repair?

Mail-in repairs can be paid via eTransfer only.

How should I package my device?

Please send in the entire device, not just the board for repair.

We prefer if you’d use bubble wrap or shipping paper. Please do not use excess amounts of tape to wrap around your bubble wrap. The best way to ensure a safe travel is to make sure your box has roughly 2 inches of space on each side with padding (bubble wrap or packing paper) and your device wrapped in bubble wrap. This ensures that your device will not move around in the box leaving it stable for shipping. Also make sure you have enough bubble wrap on the top and bottom of the box to protect it from any potential punctures from shipping.

• Make sure your device is shut down before shipping.

• Please do not ship your device in it’s original apple box packaging. We can not be held responsible for any damages made to your original Apple device box.

• We do not require your charger to be sent along with your device if you are sending apple device but if you’re suspecting that your charger may be an issue, please state so on your mail-in form and add it in the package.

• If you’re sending over a charger, do not pack it on top or below the device, please pack the charger on the sides of the box. This ensures that the charger will not put any pressure against your device as it can potentially break the screen from pressure.

• Please include a printed copy of your Jbo ID form inside of your box.

• ApplekMac Computer Repairs is not responsible for improper packaging to our shop or any damages that may occur during shipping.

Please fill up with subject line "Mail-in-Repair"

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